Strategic Partnerships For School Education

Scuola Secondaria Di Primo Grado A. Criscuolo (ITALY)

The institution

We are a school of first grade with specific study of instruments.
Ours pupils goes from 10 to 14 years old and more than 700 students take lessons every day.
We have about 80 teachers (paid) and about 20 administrative assistants (paid) that help every day the school goes on.
The course of study is made of three years with a final exam at the end that is normally held in June (the ends is set for the 30 of June).




Goal of partner in SCHOOLS21C Project

  • We will set up the national team to implement project activities, and to present the project to the institution and also to other institutions that could be interested ( educational authorities, teachers, teacher trainers, entreprises and interested stakeholders).
  • Our National participants will prepare themselves to carry out the project and solve own tasks in the best way.
  • Dr. Christian Santorelli will count on sufficient technological infrastructure to use internal collaborative tools (Website, platform, webinars, e-mails...) to facilitate internal communication, collaborative work and follow in up.
  • Budget control will be ensured by the guidelines followed by the Spanish Coordinating institution.
  • The complementary skills and experiences will ensure value for money, with a budget allocated in a way that reflects their respective input to the project. Our school will contribute to the quality of course contents and to organize the radio programs