Strategic Partnerships For School Education

Best Practices

Spanish Best Practices

Best practice 1

Radio programme: Famous people

Podcast about Fernando Romay

Podcast about Castelao

Best practice 2

Geographical lectures: Read is travel

Best practice 3

TV News (Students Year 2 of Secondary)

Best practice 4

TV News by students of Kindergarden

The ghost who didn´t know how to scare

Best practice 5

No hay planeta B pero sí opción B

Best practice 6

World Radio Day 2021

Best practice 7

A volta ó mundo en 10 palabras

Best practice 8

Noticias Infantil

Best practice 9

O lago das Encrobas

Best practice 10

Radio Escolar CPR Feijoo Zorelle

Examples of Best Practices Lithuania

Best practice 1

A podcast of young people about bullying

Best practice 2


Best practice 3

PUPPET PALS examples: “Our Christmas Stories”

Best Practice 4

PUPPET PALS examples: “The Story of Emilia”

Best Practice 5

CoSpace3 example: “Conflict”

Best Practice 6


Best Practice 7

CODING APP INVENTOR Virtual Exposition

Best Practice 8

Blogging (1)

Best Practice 9

Blogging (2)

Best Practice 10

Communication skills: About computer games (1)

Best Practice 11

About computer games (2)

Best Practice 12

About the fake news

Italian Best Practices

El 3 de Mayo

Las Meninas

Las presentaciones

La poesía

Centrale termoelectrica a vapore

La Energía

La primavera

La Fontana Malata (A. PALAZZESCHI)

Portuguese Best practices

Theater at school

Philosophical thoughts

School sport

ICT activities

Theater in the Barcelos region

The cultural art of Barcelos

An interview about a Music Contest

Alternative Energies

The state of mind during confinement

Interview with the president of 19/20 Student Association