Strategic Partnerships For School Education

Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (SPAIN)

The institution

The USC is a public university dedicated to the preservation, generation, transmission and dissemination of knowledge in a socially responsible manner and in connection with the demands and challenges of Galician society. The University of Santiago de Compostela has a wide academic offer and a powerful research capacity, and has been valued for its excellence as one of the best universities in Spain and in the European Higher Education Area. The USC is a pioneering institution in the development of entrepreneurship policies, the promotion of R&D&I and the transfer and valorisation of the results of its research.

This project is coordinated by the TecnoEduc research group of the University of Santiago de Compostela. Created in 1992 by Professor Beatriz Cebreiro, it has more than twenty years of experience in research, transfer and innovation in the use of technology in education. Our interests focus on eLearning, inclusion and equity through technology, ICT teacher training programmes and dealing with educational challenges to the social transformation of ICT. We have also participated in several national and international projects (Erasmus+; LLP, Comenius, Grundvig) and are part of several renowned scientific networks.

We will contribute to this project with our experience and knowledge in coordination and support in the implementation, as well as lead the teacher training course (CPD) closely linked to educational practice around audiovisual and digital literacy.


  • Beatriz Cebreiro López, (leader/coordinator)
  • Carmen Fernández Morante, (leader/coordinator)
  • Carmen Fernández de la Iglesia, member
  • Lorena Casal Otero, member
  • Francisco Javier Garbayo Montabes, member
  • Francisco Mareque León, member
  • Enrique Latorre Ruiz, supporting researcher
  • Alba Elena Martínez Santos, training researcher