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Radio experiences – Schools for 21st Century project

After more than a year in progress, the European project Schools for 21st Century, in which the Radio Coruña Group participates, is making progress with the implementation of school radios in three schools in the area. This educational project, funded by the EU and led by USC in collaboration with other institutions and schoolsin Italy, Lithuania and Portugal, focuses on improving audiovisual and digital literacy for students and teachers. See more at Cadena Ser Coruña

Face to face teacher training course in Santiago de Compostela

Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (SPAIN) – Leader/coordinator


We´d like to anounce the teachers training course that wiil take place at the University of Santiago de Compostela

In 2021 Schools and consortiums can apply. We invite teachers  to ask headmasters to Apply for  funding  in KEY ACTION 1 deathline 10th May.

USC has a large experience organizing European courses 2004- 2014.

The Educational Technology Research Group (GI-1438) of the University of Santiago was created by Professor Beatriz Cebreiro López in 1992. It is included in  the Department of Pedagogy and Didactics of the Faculty of Education Sciences and the  investigation unit specialized in innovative pedagogies and emergent  tools like VR, AR, 3D, Animation

Please see the information about the course

Course in five languages

Course in five languages (November 2020)

Partners are translating the course to the four partners languages: Lithuanian, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, also to English, adapting the examples to their own language.

Course for teacher training

Course for teacher training (October 2020)

Partners participating in the Project  led by the USC hace finalized  the  English versión of the course.  it Includes four modules

Module 1:  Audiovisual  literacy

Module 2: Digital  and media literacy

Module 3: Communication skills

Module 4: Project based learning

The new project Schools21C begins

kick-off Schools for 21st century

The researchers and coordinators of the SCHOOLS21C project met for the first time in Vilnius, Lithuania, at the Kick-off meeting of “Schools for 21ST Century” on November 10th and 20th.

With this event starts the new European project KA2 (“Cooperation for innovation and the Exchange of good practices”) coordinated by the professors Beatriz Cebreiro and Carmen Fernandez-Morante.

Seven institutions are participating in this consortium, including research centres, public bodies in charge of educational management in their territories, public schools and private companies such as the National Agency for Education of Lithuania, Radio Coruña-Onda Cero, the Galician-Cessian Supercomputing Centre, the Scuola Secondaria di Primo Grado A Criscuolo, the CPI-O Cruce and the Agrupamento de Escolas de Barcelos, and the University of Santiago as coordinating institution through its educational technology group “Tecnoeduc”.

Schools for 21st century. Strategic Partnerships for school education

Conference on initial support for Erasmus+2019 strategic partnership projects

SEPIE Schools for 21st century

On October 7th and 8th, Carmen Fernández-Morante, Principal Researcher of the Educational Technology group, attended the conference on initial support for Erasmus+ 2019 Strategic Partnership projects.

During the workshop they have been able to exchange experiences, getting to know and making known the projects KA201, KA202 and KA204 approved by SEPIE in competitive competition for the 2019 call. Representatives of the educational administrations, researchers and coordinators have participated in the event.